Anna Higo

Doctoral Researcher & Chartered Physiotherapist

Anna has been a Physiotherapist since 1997 and became a specialist clinician within the HSD/hEDS field over 10 years ago. Through her extensive clinical experience of treating HSD/hEDS and supporting such patients it has made her even more determined to understand, gain further knowledge and help the HSD/hEDS community. She has been invited to present lectures at medical conferences on the role of Physiotherapy with HSD/hEDS and the importance of a multidisciplinary team which is Physiocure’s main ethos in the management of their patients. They are the first UK clinic to have set up a joint collaboration with DMOrthotics (Dynamic Movement Orthoses) and have an in house Orthotist who attends the clinic twice a month for assessments and fittings. Over the 4 years that this clinic has been running Anna has seen the benefit of these garments which inspired her PhD in this field.

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