Dr Behnam Liaghat

Assistant Professor, Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

Behnam is Assistant Professor and has a PhD degree from the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Denmark; a masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy from the University of Bath, United Kingdom; and a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from University College Lillebaelt, Denmark. Furthermore, Behnam is a clinical Specialist Sports Physiotherapist.

Currently Behnam is conducting a randomised controlled trial about rehabilitation following proximal humerus fracture at the Centre for Evidence-Based Orthopaedics, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Zealand University Hospital, Denmark in a part-time position. He is also conducting a randomised controlled trial on the ´hypermobile knee´, building on knowledge from investigating the ‘hypermobile shoulder’ during his PhD.

Behnam has received the EliteResearch Travel Grant from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Young Researcher Award 2022 from the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation. Behnam has been appointed an expert during the development of the National Clinical Guidelines for treating shoulder impingement syndrome by the Danish Health Authority. With his career, Behnam strives to provide evidence-based knowledge to inform ‘best practice’ within the musculoskeletal and sports medicine field.

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